About Me

There’s not much to say here… ahhh screw the façade of humility. My name’s Bill, and I am the curator of this fine establishment you see here, Terrajolt Productions. Born and raised in a slice of semi-rural suburbia in Pennsylvania, I currently live in Delaware so that I, too, can shop tax-free and incorporate businesses here until my heart stops.


I’m a decorated nerd champion, cracking open advanced mathematics books on Friday nights to brush up on my partial differential equations and actually aspiring to be more like Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory, you know, the indisputable favorite cast star of the show that absolutely no one is annoyed by. A scientist at my core, I draft up daily agendas consisting of conducting insidiously cruel experiments on my roommates, our cat (so far, the hypnocat idea had to be scrapped because as it happens, he already hypnotized everyone just fine), and myself… ESPECIALLY myself. My agenda on this blog is to lifehack my way to a better quality of life for myself as well as my loyal readership.


People typically know me as a mellow, easy-going, yet inconceivably self-motivated individual. I am a fairly proficient computer programmer, amateur biohacker and fitness junkie, novice music artist, retired video game player, and an insatiable sink of knowledge and information about whatever in the world piques my curiosity (hint hint: 90% of the time, it is math and science related).


My exorbitant self-control and internally emanating discipline are what set me apart from the riff-raff. They also may inadvertently make me somewhat risk-averse. Damnit. Well that can always be short-circuited by disciplining myself to take risks right? … Ah sorry, went on a small tangent there. Anyway, I’m always searching for new people and consequently new stories to hear, so hit me up if you’ve felt particularly touched by my fountain of wisdom here at Terrajolt.